The Soul of Achha Rice

What makes us who we are.

Our Facilities

We process rice using the latest world class machines to ensure that you get pristine quality rice. Packaging is done while maintaining very high standards of quality and hygiene.

Our Quality

Our rice is chosen after careful examination by experts. The best quality rice is selected for its aroma, length, color and several other distinguishing factors.

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly dedicated individuals who have spent their lifetimes in understanding and improving the quality of rice brought to our customers.


Varieties of Rice

Commercially grown in India.


Grains of Rice

In a1 kg bag of rice.

3 Years

Ageing of Basmati Rice

To get the best aroma and taste.


Years of Experience

Of our Management Team.

What Our Customers Say.

Hear what thousands of satisfied customers say about us!